Why You NEED a Good Business Card

Business Card Marketing Ideas

How many business cards do you go through in a month? Six months? A year? If your answer to the above question is anything but “too many to even count”, then you are most definitely under-utilizing one of the most powerful and cost effective tools in your business arsenal. To get the most out of your business cards, you should be distributing them EVERYWHERE you go! Everyone you know should have one as well. Why not? Full color business cards are so cheap that you can afford to leave a trail of them everywhere you go. Use them to attract new business prospects and get your brand out there.

DEMAND Attention with a Business Card That Jumps Out from the Rest!

Why blend in with the crowd when you can shout your message in full color and jump ahead of the competition. A professionally designed full color business card will demand attention and get you sales! Depending on your budget, you can even print plastic business card, add custom foils, metallic inks, die cut shapes and more!

Picture a pile of plain old business card sitting on someone’s desk. Now picture that same pile of business cards with your AMAZING business card standing on top! Who’s going to get that sales call?

Empower Your Employees with Their Own Business Cards

It is common for a lot of businesses to only give business cards to Management. Why not give them to everyone? Printing business cards is so affordable now that it makes sense to give everyone on your payroll a business card. Train your staff to hand out cards to prospective clients. If you own a service business such as a bar or restaurants, include an offer or discount on the back to add some value to the card! You can even start an incentive program to motivate your employees to hand them out everywhere they go.

Most people miss out on this opportunity to take advantage of a low cost marketing tactic that has been lost over the years.

Now is a great time to reinvent your business cards and put them to work for you.

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