Direct Mail: It Still Works!

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

People Love Getting Mail!

As outdated as sending postcards out in the mail may seem, it actually should still hold a prominent place in your marketing repertoire. Using direct mail, you can put your products and services directly in the hands of the people you are trying to reach quickly and at a price that is more affordable than ever!

While email marketing can be cheaper, your emails may be deleted immediately, filtered to spam or even worse – never read at all. Most people still check their mail box everyday, making direct mail marketing a viable option that will still produce favorable results. A lot of people also suffer from email inbox overload as well, making unsolicited emails a nuisance rather than a pleasant surprise. According to the USPS, close to 100% get their mail daily. If you use the right mailing list, you can fine tune your targeting to make sure your mail piece ends up in their hands fast.

The key is to design a marketing piece that will get noticed and initiate a response from the recipient.

Direct Mail is More Personal

Direct mail is also a more personal method to reach out to customers that you already do business with. You can send them special offers, invites, even birthday cards. The more you interact with your customers the more likely they will be to do business with you repeatedly.

Direct Mail is Easier to Track

It is also much easier to measure results with direct mail, compared to email marketing, TV and radio advertising. If you include coupons or offer codes in your direct mail, you can keep track of what ends up being redeemed and fine tune future engagements according to these results making your next marketing campaign even more successful!

Brand Recognition

Sending out direct mail regularly will also help consumers get to know your brand and recognize your products and logos. Solid brand recognition will translate into improved sales over time and also get your foot in the door for future campaigns. If you do decide to add email marketing to the program, your direct mail campaigns will have already paved the way and help improve open rates and conversions.

Direct Mail Lasts Longer

TV and radio ads are over in an instant and the moment yours is over another begins. Direct mail, however, can remain in the home a lot longer. Your postcard may sit on the counter for days or weeks. The recipient may hold on to it until they have a chance to act. While your marketing piece remains in the home, several more people may have a chance to see it as well which will widen your marketing reach for free!

Its All About the List!

The mailing list you use for your marketing is equally if not more important than your mailing piece. It is important to get your mailing lists from reputable mailing list providers to ensure that you get the most out of your direct mail marketing. The last thing you want to see is hundreds of returned postcards in your mailbox that were mailed out to incorrect or non-existent mailing addresses. Not only will you have wasted money on a bad mailing list, you also wasted money on postage and printing on top of it. A good mailing list will be cleaned, updated and appended regularly.

Get Started with Direct Mail Marketing
With a little research and planning, you can easily shift your marketing into overdrive with a targeted direct mail program that will help drive new customers through the door while stimulating repeat business and referrals in the process. Good Luck!


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