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In today’s digital age, business owners may question the relevance of physical business cards. After all, we have LinkedIn, email signatures, and numerous online networking platforms available. However, handing out business cards is far from obsolete. In fact, business cards remain a powerful marketing tool.

Whether you are handing out business cards, mailing then out with some marketing collateral, or dropping them off at other establishments, you will never pay less for anything more effective than a mini billboard called the business card.

Even if you are of the mind set that “everything is online now, just look me up,” you’re throwing away business opportunities, immediate connections, and referrals, every single day.  That’s right, the 3.5”x2” business card is still that valuable. Almost priceless.

Here are 8 compelling reasons why you should still be using business cards in 2023.

Tangibility and Memorability

When you physically hand someone your business card, you create a tangible and memorable connection. Your card might end up on someone’s desk, in their wallet, or on their refrigerator. Even if they don’t need your services right away, your card will serve as a reminder of your business and what you have to offer.

While digital communication may be efficient, it can also be impersonal. Handing out a business card adds a personal touch that can help build rapport and establish a connection with potential clients or customers.


A polished, well-designed business card shows that you take your business seriously. It’s a visual representation of your brand and your commitment to professionalism and quality.

If you’re talking with someone about what your business is all about and they ask if you can leave your business card, and you don’t have one, it can leave the impression that you’re possibly new at what you do, or maybe you’re not a legitimate business after all.  Don’t let that happen again! Right?


Telling someone to look you up online can be cumbersome, especially if they’re in the middle of a busy day. And it can be easily forgotten about five minutes later. With your business card in hand, they can easily refer to it later when they have more time to explore your website or social media channels. Don’t take the chance that a potential customer will forget to look you up online. Give them your business card.

Networking Made Easy

Handing out business cards is a quick and simple way to exchange contact information with potential clients, customers, partners, or collaborators. You can distribute them at meetings, conferences, events, or even during a chance encounter on the street.

You may even opt to have different cards printed with different messages based on the relationship you’re seeking: a potential customer/client, a partner/investor situation, or recruiting an employee for your sales team. The power of your card and message is still a vital part of business and growth.

Brand Awareness

When you hand someone your business card, you’re also giving them a visual representation of your brand. The more people who have and see your business card, the more effectively you’re promoting your business and building brand awareness.

Having you’re card match your website, other marketing collateral, and social media channels is crucial for the branding process. The business card should be able to stand on it’s own, and easily be recognized with your logo and colors coordinating with your website etc.

Eye-Catching Design

A well-designed business card can be an attention-grabbing visual cue. Don’t be afraid to play with colors, fonts, textures, and graphics to make your card stand out in a pile. Just make sure your design is consistent with your brand and message.

Remember not to jam too much information on the small business card. You don’t want it to look too busy, or resort to using really small text size to fit all the content as it might be difficult to read.

Adding a photo of yourself works if you work in sales, or recruiting type of industries where you want people to recognize you and not just the company name.

Include your logo, business name, your name, contact information, and website address. From your website, potential customers can find links on your website to all your social media channels. If you’re concerned about adding all your social media channels to your card, you can always have them listed on the backside of the card.

Should you design content on both sides of the card? It’s really a preference. On one hand, you should take advantage of the two sides of the card, add more information. Some people offer a new client a discount on the backside.

And some people like to leave it blank so they can quickly write down a personal message on the back of the card for instance: An important upcoming event, your direct line, or a complimentary discount. Whatever the message may be, it reminds the person why they have your card. Which is fantastic!

Marketing Beyond Your Reach

You should be handing out cards daily and leaving them at locations that you frequently visit. It doesn’t have to be a place where you do business, but where you pick up your take out food, or at the dry cleaners, gym, hair salon etc. When you ask the owner if you can leave some of your cards, they see what it is that you do for business and they know you as a good customer, and they may refer you to another customer because they remember you and what you do for work. Essentially, other people are marketing for you!

If someone who has your business card shares it with someone else who needs your services, your card is doing marketing work beyond your immediate reach. It’s a way to put your business in front of people who might not have encountered it otherwise.

Inexpensive- Most Effective

High end business cards may cost more than cheaper quality paper and printed color options. But is that the image you want potential customers to remember? When handing out hundreds of your cards monthly, you are basically planting seeds for future business.

I’ve had people contact me years after I placed cards at their office, and they became a valuable client of mine. Business cards are a relatively inexpensive way to plant the seeds that grow business for years to come.

Plus, they are a convenient size for using them in a newspaper ad, or a placemat advertisement that some restaurants use on every table. And you can easily create a digital card for online ads too.


Even with all the digital marketing tools available to us, handing out business cards remains a relevant and effective marketing strategy. They are tangible, memorable, and help build professional and personal connections.

And with careful design and messaging, they can help establish and promote your brand and your message. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, don’t underestimate the power of the humble business card in 2023 and beyond.

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