5 More Ways to Use Business Cards to Generate Business

Ideas for Business Card Marketing

5 More Ways to Use Business Cards to Generate Business

Business cards can be used in so many ways other than just contact information. Business Cards are also cheap to print so you can afford to order thousands of them and distribute them everywhere you go. If you think outside the box, you can come up with all kinds of great promotional uses for your business cards and turn them into money makers.

"Come See Me" Business Cards

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The come see me card is used for exactly what you would expect. Come See Me! This type of business card is used to get people through your doors. They are great for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and just about any business that you want to get more people to fast.

The come see me card is a great tool to give to your employees to help get out when they are not at work. They can give them to friends, family and just about anyone they meet throughout the day. They are a great tool to get the word out about your product or service and it give the recipient your business name, location and anything else you want to include.

Include a discount or special offer to supercharge your come see me cards.

The come see me card, while such a basic idea, can be such a powerful tool. Bars and restaurants especially can benefit from their use quickly and efficiently more than just about any other type of print media. They are so easy to carry around, very easy to hand out and leave everywhere you go. The come see me business card is also pocket sized which makes it very convenient for the people that receive them to hold on to until they are ready to come see you.

Discount Business Cards

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Promoting an offer or discount is also a great way to use your business cards. You can have certain cards dedicated to specific promotions that are used at certain times during the week, month or year.

Combine the discount business card with the come see me business card to make it even more powerful!

If you get creative with your discount cards, you can use them to help upsell items and generate more sales in the process. Free appetizer with the purchase of 2 adult entrees, free kids meal with adult entrée purchase. $5.00 off any food order of $25 or more. The possibilities are endless with discount cards and you can offer as little or as much as you want. Experiment and see what works best for your business.

Another great use for discount cards is to use them for slow times in the day or week to help fill in gaps in your business. If Tuesdays are your slowest day, make up a discount offer to promote for Tuesdays and eliminate that slow day from your schedule all together. With the right promotion, you could even make your slowest day your busiest day!

Discount cards are a great item to slip into your check books when customers are cashing out. You can use them to promote new items, get them to come back on your slower days or simply thank them for their business and reward them with an incentive to come back again soon.

Frequent Visitor Business Cards

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Frequent visitor business cards (punch cards) are a great tool to generate frequent repeat sales from your existing customer base. These are great for coffee shops, donut shops, salons, tanning salons and just about any business that relies on repeat business on a steady basis.

If you operate a sub shop you could have a punch card that offers a free sub. Buy 9 subs and the 10th is free! Making the punch card a wallet size business cards also allows it to be more portable and they will most likely have it on them the next time they come in for a visit.

There are so many uses for this type of business card and it can be adapted to just about any type of product or service. The better the incentive, the more often your customers will come back to spend more money!

VIP Business Cards

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VIP business cards, while great for any business, are invaluable for bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other service industry businesses. They can be used to grant special privileges to your most valuable customers. Free admission, special discounts, access to VIP areas and free parking are just a few typical uses for the VIP Card business card.

Some venues give VIP business cards to their special customers for free, while others actually sell these cards as part of a special promotion that grants VIP status to the bearer and guests.

Some VIP cards are single use cards given to anyone that you want to get to you venue. Other VIP cards are kept by the user and used over and over during every visit to grant special privileges. It is always a good idea to print expiration dates on your VIP cards just in case your promotions change in the future.

VIP business cards can be printed on regular stock or on a variety of special stocks, plastics and even metal to really stand out with a high end look and feel.

Referral Business Cards

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Another great use for business cards is the referral card. Having a steady flow of solid referrals will take your business to the next level and engaging your current customers to help generate referral business is paramount to the success of your business growth.

You can also offer your customers a reward for their referrals to incentivize them into sending you new business. Most happy customers will be more than happy to send you referral business and rewarding them for their efforts can make them even more responsive to the promotion.

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Business cards are one of the most cost efficient promotional items you can have in your business arsenal. Why not create special business cards that will help generate more business, rather than just give your contact information. Do both! Business cards are so easy to distribute and the response you get from them if you are using them right will be worth it all day long!

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