5 Tips to Get More of Your Outreach Emails Read

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It’s no fun receiving dozens of emails a week from the same salesperson – and most of us have been there. Email advertising can take some time to perfect. However, getting the right techniques for email outreach can mean a substantial return on investment for your company.

For the time being, email marketing is not going anywhere. With ever-changing algorithms of Google and social media, email is among the few marketing avenues left where you can make sure that your message gets to customers. That does not mean, however, that deliverability is always guaranteed for marketers. So here are 5 tips to help you get your emails right in front of your target market so that you may reach your sales goals.

Divide Your Lists Into Specific Groups

Segmenting your lists can boost click-through percentages, open-rates, as well as conversions. List segmentation involves splitting your emails into teams based upon characteristics, demographics and level of interest. It allows you to offer a more personalized form of email outreach by sending the right emails to prospects and at the right time.

Scrape Your Email List Before Using a New Service Provider

Scraping your lists before setting up automation with a new service provider may take some time, as many businesses may have hundreds (or even thousands) of spam email, outdated, and old lists that need to be purged. It may take some time, but it’s important to make sure to get rid of any addresses that are likely to bounce.

Pick an Email Service That Has Good Deliverability Rates

Your marketing automation technology is absolutely essential to your email deliverability. When examining email providers for your company, does high deliverability make your list of requirements? Does the service provider need you to have your own warm IP address? Or do they place you in a shared IP that’s already established? This can make a huge difference, depending on what you require. It’s always best to select a supplier with a solid background of high-deliverability.

Make Sure That Undeliverable Addresses Are Eliminated From Future Mailings

Some email marketing services won’t automatically flag bad addresses. So it’s helpful to figure out if your service provider immediately eliminates emails that come back or get flagged as spam. If they don’t, you may need to remove them manually.

Offer Unsubscribe Options

People unsubscribe from email lists for a host of reasons, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to receive any emails from you at all. It might be that they are wanting to obtain more applicable content or just wish to receive fewer messages on a weekly or daily basis. Give them the options to pick and choose the emails and frequency they want.

Email outreach should always be a part of your marketing arsenal, and deliverability is a big factor in its effectiveness. When done correctly, it can definitely help you see an increase in your click-through and engagement rates.

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