10 Ways to Transform Your Plain Old Business Cards Into Marketing Machines!

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999 of 1,000 business cards are boring and plain. Set yourself ahead of the competition with a killer business card that takes your business and services to the next level. Your business card speaks volumes about your business before they even pick up the phone to call you. A great business card is one of the most affordable marketing tools you can buy. Why not use them to their fullest potential! Here are 10 ways to supercharge your business cards:

1. Hire Someone to Design an Original Eye-Catching Business Card That DEMANDS Attention!

The printing websites that offer free business cards may be a great deal, but what are you really getting out of that free business card? Taking the time to develop an original, eye-catching business card will get you noticed while helping

2. Include a Picture of Yourself or the Main Products You Sell

Business cards with pictures get noticed more. If you are in a business where that personal connection is important, including a picture of yourself on your business card can be very important so that people remember your face as well as your business card. If you do not want to use a picture of yourself, a picture of the company headquarters or your flagship products are a good alternative. Pictures can be included on the front side, back side or both sides of your business card. Work them into your business card design to make it work.

3. Use the Back of Your Business Card for More Marketing Power

How many business cards have you seen with a completely blank back? What a waste of free marketing space! Why not use it for something productive? You could fill it up with product photos, a bulleted list or services or a brief intro about you or your business.

4. Spend the Extra Money to Set Your Business Card Ahead of the Rest

Everyone has a plain old standard 2×3.5 business card. Do you want to blend in to a pile of regular business cards? Or would you rather have your business card stand at the top of the pile and attract attention and get more leads?

There are tons of cool options available for your business card to make it a cut above the rest. Use a nice thick stock with vibrant colors and a great professional design. Other custom options for your business cards include: die cut business cards, metallic inks and foils, rounded corners, layered card stock, spot uv lamination and more!

Get away from the boring traditional business cards and start handing out a killer business card that you are proud of. You will also find that you are handing out more business cards, which is great for business!

5. Add an Incentive That People Can Act On

Not sure what to put on the back of your business card? How about a discount, special offer or incentive? This can even be a special version of your business card that you only hand out to prospective clients that you think may need a little push to do business with you. If you run a bar or restaurant, the back of your card may offer free admission or a free appetizer with the purchase of a meal. Don’t give away the house, but offer something to help stimulate some extra business. You could also use it to offer a referral bonus to clients when they help bring you extra business.

6. Share Them with Everyone…EVERYWHERE You Go

If you are using your business cards correctly, you should be ordering them by the case and reordering them often! Hand them out everywhere to everyone you meet, regardless if they are a client or not. Everyone knows someone that could be a potential client for your business and you never know where that business card will be passed eventually. Successful business marketing is all about building a wide network to attract customers and your business card is a small extension of your marketing that costs next to nothing and is so easy to spread around.

7. Change Them Up Every Once and a While

Even if you already have a great business card design, don’t be afraid to change it up every now and then. Even business cards get stale and a little rehab can do wonders. Try printing them on a different stock or change up the colors and pictures.

8. Use Different Versions for Different Purposes

You come in contact with all different people while running your business. Why not have different business cards custom tailored for each interaction? You may have one business card that has all of your standard business information for clients and vendors that you interact with often. The business card you hand to prospective clients may include a special offer, discount or announcement. The "Come See Me" business card is given to prospective customers and contains a special offer or discount to help bring them in for future business.

9. Use a Special Offer URL rather than your Home Page

Every business card has the company website listed, directing people to your home page. Try creating a customized landing page with a special URL that you include on your business cards. Now when you hand someone a business card and they end up at the URL you printed on your business card, they can be presented with customized content that you can write to speak directly to them. Imagine the power that you can create when you can control what you are saying to prospective clients and colleagues!

10. Give Them to ALL of Your Employees

Business cards are so cheap! Why not give them to all of your employees to help promote your brand and generate more business! Business cards do not need to be reserved for owners and management, you can also use them for everyone else on your payroll too. They will feel like they are an important part of the team (which they are!). Include special offers and discount on them to turn them into mufti-faceted business card/coupons. Train your staff to hand them out everywhere they go and hold special contests with your staff based on who’s business cards come back for redemption. A little competition is a good motivator and can help drive business, especially during slow seasons.


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